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The president is not posting memes about his administration with Big Bang Theory fonts. He reappeared again in " The Wedding Gift Wormhole ", when Amy and Sheldon were on a scavenger hunt and needed some help figuring out what the wedding gift was; it turned out to be a quartz chakra wand. And anyhow, the kids on this show rarely appear on camera. Claire says that Emily is trying to manipulate him, but Raj visits Emily and they end up in bed together. He steals the meteorite, cuts it open and then gets infected with an virus that turns him in to a flesh eating zombie. It takes Howard and Raj to make Amy aware that he likes her. When the show first premiered in , it was less common to hear adult characters on TV talk about going to comic-book stores, or see them wearing T-shirts with superheroes on them, or watch them get in arguments about the best Doctor from Doctor Who.

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And anyhow, the kids on this show rarely appear on camera. Raj asking her out. Conversations, both within the show and about the show, are not noisy or urgent. He reappeared in " The Separation Agitation ", and it's revealed that he has a recent girlfriend named Rebecca , who only appears to be with him for his grant money.

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He feels that Amy is the coolest girl at work and that Sheldon is cool only because he is dating Amy. He intends to use Cinnamon to help get girls and will let Raj know if she dies in his care. There are few high stakes, and even the stakes that arguably are high like winning a Nobel Prize or being pregnant are treated as fairly minor events.

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Things have happened over 12 years on The Big Bang Theory, but not much has changed. He wakes up, starts to glow and then attacks Penny and wakes up again. Raj must now make a decision when he also gets a call from Emily, who misses him.


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At the emergency room he meets a nurse that gives him her number. While leaving he gives Lucy a fair warning about Raj. When Bert starts talking about how no one wants to do anything with him, Amy, in a fit of sympathy agrees to go. He often makes jokes concerning rocks and stones due to his specialty in Geology. Maybe the quiet is because once culture caught up to the show — once we all knew about the Marvel Universe — Big Bang never moved on to newer frontiers of nerddom. They form the references and benchmarks for how these characters move through life. Bert keeps bringing Amy interesting and beautiful rocks every day. Also, she says she found from Raj's annoying habits what she really wanted in a guy and currently has a new boyfriend.

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Was this review helpful? After breaking up with her, Bert instantly regrets it and buys expensive stuff to successfully win her back. After introducing each other, Claire tells them she is writing for a children's science fiction movie script and wants to collaborate with Rajesh Koothrappali , due to him being an astrophysicist and competent in science fiction.

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I hope The Big Bang Theory is around for several years. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons are definitely one of TV's newest comedy teams who have great chemistry and the addition of Kaley Cuoco as their neighbor, Penny brightens up the show. Leonard gets angry that he is left out.

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