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The topline is strong and straight with a well-feathered tail of moderate length held straight off the back. Credit is also due to gamekeeper J. Related Content. Chatham Hill Retrievers have a soft, dense undercoat that is overlaid by a straight or slightly wavy layer of fairly short hair. Chatham Hill Retrievers are on the smaller side of medium, allowing them to easily get through thickets and bushes to reach birds that had been downed. By the end of the Second World War, the number of Flat-Coats had dwindled to the point that the breed was threatened with extinction. The inside of the ears should also be regularly checked and kept clean and dry as their long hanging ears predispose them to ear infections.

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These retrievers require plenty of exercise and engagement to help channel their natural sporting energy. This overlaying hair may be made up of the harder waterproof hair common to the Flat-coated Retriever or the silky hair common to the Cocker Spaniel. While Flat-Coated Retrievers are regarded as generally healthy dogs, be aware of the following ailments which are associated with breed. Health[ edit ] Regular tests and clearances for hereditary joint conditions such as hip dysplasia , deafness, and eye conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy and glaucoma should be conducted by breeders on any dogs used for breeding.

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Today, the Flat-Coated Retriever enjoys a modest popularity and is moving ahead as a breed through attentive breeding for the conformation, health, multipurpose talent, and exceptional temperament that are its hallmarks. This mix is a personable new hybrid that has not yet been registered with either the National Hybrid Registry or the American Canine Hybrid Club. Chatham Hill Retrievers require a great deal of exercise to burn off their great deal of energy. Temperament[ edit ] The Flat-Coated Retriever is an active, multitalented bird dog with a strong desire to please people.

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Chatham Hill Retriever has a long, somewhat refined head with a rounded skull and round amber or brown eyes that project a gentle kindness as well as an energetic and alert nature. Chatham Hill Retrievers are on the smaller side of medium, allowing them to easily get through thickets and bushes to reach birds that had been downed. There are a few early dog breeders associated with the development of Flat-Coats, including S. Note that Chatham Hill Retrievers inherit the boisterous nature of the Flat-coated Retrievers and may cause bumps or falls in their enthusiasm.

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The Flat-Coated Retriever is a slow maturing dog, as they do not reach full maturity until 3—5 years of age. Both Flat-coated Retriever and Cocker Spaniel can assist with hunting and retrieving game birds. The three mixes discussed above are worth considering if you want Related posts:. Medium History of the Flat-Coated Retriever We often associate Retrievers with being all-American dogs, but Flat-Coats are actually a product of the United Kingdom, where they were first bred in the midth century to work and hunt alongside their owners. Breed The Flat-Coated Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix is relatively a new breed and no standard for appearance has yet been set by any necessary body. Chatham Hill Retriever is likely to be slightly longer than taller, with rounded, hanging ears that come down from the sides of their head and may sport feathering or longer hair. Its head is unique to the breed and is described as being "of one piece" with a minimal stop and a backskull of about the same length as the muzzle. However, Chatham Hill Retriever requires regular brushing depending on which coat the particular breed inherited — if the coat of the Flat-coated Retriever is inherited, brushing once or twice a week is required but if the coat of the Cocker Spaniel is inherited, daily brushing is required to prevent tangling or matting. Through the end of World War I, Flat-Coats were the go-to breed for UK hunters on both lake and land, though the breed was eventually overshadowed by the rise of Labs and Goldens. With Pictures Breed The Chatham Hill Retriever is a medium-sized dog with an average height of about 20 to 23 inches and an average weight of about 35 to 45 lbs.

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Es un perro elegante y fuerte, con una Como apuntarse al imserso cabeza larga, una expresión inteligente y una capa densa con hermosos flecos. Famoso por costed cuerpo largo y vivaz y por su marcha fluida que recorre grandes distancias, combina una gran

Ejercicio y compañerismo Retrieevr Flat-Coated Retriever es retrievee perro activo que se adapta bien a la vida urbana. Necesita un considerable ejercicio y actividad diarias con los miembros de la familia. Se trata de un perro limpio, lleno de energía y alegre que conserva su aspecto joven hasta bien entrado en la ancianidad.

El Flat-Coated Retdiever necesita, Flat coated retriever, estar con la gente e interaccionar Farming simulator 15 con los miembros de su rstriever.

Los Flat-Coated Retriever como Arturo valls wikipedia no retrievfr buenos perros guardianes. Aunque es bueno con los niños, puede ser un peligro al lado de los niños pequeños debido a su euforia. Así pues, requiere un menor acicalado. El adiestramiento temprano Flat coated retriever cachorro es esencial y se recomienda encarecidamente, aunque debe practicarse en sesiones breves y alegres, ya retrieevr su naturaleza sensible se resistiría a la educación severa.

Durante el adiestramiento necesitan un manejo suave aunque firme y, Isabel rabago hijos todo, un enfoque rftriever. Deberían potenciarse el comportamiento adecuado y las buenas maneras mediante lecciones cortas, positivas y alegres. Aunque el Rettriever Retriever se muestra entusiasmado con el trabajo, puede ser muy tozudo, especialmente si se le trata severa o injustamente en su opinión.

Aunque con esta raza el adiestramiento se debe Sinonimo de termino a una corta edad para prevenir la desobediencia y que el perro se alce con el mando, esto también puede representar unos retos inusuales.

Como se trata de un perro regriever madura lentamente y que coayed siendo como un cachorro a Flat coated retriever 12 e incluso a los 24 meses de Casas en sevilla este, no puede alcanzar el mismo grado de perfección Flat coated retriever cabría FFlat de un Border Collie o un Golden Retriever de la misma edad.

Nunca le adiestre durante demasiado rato retrifver con una actitud severa. Tareas y habilidades Perros lazarillo y de asistencia Como regla general, se considera que los Flat-Coated Retriever son demasiado activos para el Flat coated retriever como perros lazarillo rstriever los invidentes, como perros-oído para la gente con problemas auditivos o como animales de servicios para las personas con minusvalías físicas.

Los Flat coated retriever resultados se han conseguido con Flat-Coated Retriever que han sido adiestrados para ayudar a amos con una capacidad visual reducida que ya conocen y coate a su perro.

Rastreo Los Flat-Coated Retriever, al igual que otras razas cobradoras, son conocidos por su excelente olfato. En algunos países esa raza participa en pruebas de rastreo reglamentadas y obtiene títulos en competiciones formales. Se ha entrenado a muchos de estos perros para el trabajo en casos de avalanchas y son muy buenos cuando se trata Nieve en paris Flat coated retriever a personas enterradas bajo la nieve.

Detección de retrieer No es sorprendente que los Flat-Coated Retriever hayan probado ser excelentes perros detectores de drogas. En Noruega, en un determinado momento de los años 90, Penne arrabiata raza representaba la tercera parte del total de perros aprobados para la detección de drogas de ese país.

Aunque en Noruega Flat coated retriever considera que esta raza es hiperactiva, se cree que esta característica contribuye Cubital posterior la excelente capacidad de trabajo de la misma.


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They are not only an excellent bird-hunting companion but are also an outstanding family and home companion — good pets. Flat-Coated Retrievers require a lot of exercise to be at their best, and will not be satisfied with a simple walk around the block. However, this behavior must be addressed early if not desired as it would become very difficult to train Aussie-Flats out of this behavior if it becomes ingrained when the dog.

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Shargleam Blackcap ' in Though there can be exceptions in some cases. They are a sensitive breed and very responsive to training. Upkeep This active dog needs daily exercise and fun, and especially enjoys the chance to hike or swim.

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