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The whole bot feels sturdy and solid. This is a relief since the robot is sturdy, which becomes a bit of a problem when it starts bumping into furniture. It also features lifetime stats, the total number of cleaning jobs, total amount of time spent cleaning, and many other useful facts. Thankfully, there is another way—the app. The only hurdle seemed to be the flour. All the large dirt debris including Cheerios were picked up without any problem. It also cleans larger items on both floors and carpets well. But after several passes, everything vanished. The little vacuum robot also adapts to your cleaning schedule.

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Attention When buying, make sure the vacuum suits all your cleaning needs. It will even suggest extra cleaning sessions during pet shedding season or during high pollen counts. Who Should Get This?


This might be annoying if you work from home and have virtual meetings to attend. Attention Unfortunately, the Roomba and lack powerful suction. It pushed the mat around a bit and the rear of the vacuum occasionally went over it, but, as a whole, the Roomba avoided the 0.

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It also features lifetime stats, the total number of cleaning jobs, total amount of time spent cleaning, and many other useful facts. So, if you have a large apartment, this is not the best option. The iRobot app is a feature that draws many customers.

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In this section, we are going to look at all these factors and how each contributes to the overall performance of the vacuum. At least they were gentle on the floor compared to bristle brushes. It might take some time to adjust to the Roomba and learn about all its features, but iRobot strongly recommends that you explore all the different features and personalize it as much as possible. Brush system The brush system works hand in hand with the motor. Not only does it look better, but the Roomba got tangled in its own cord on two separate occasions. It works best on tiles and hardwood floors, although it struggles a little on carpets. It is also suited for the small apartments with less traffic. If you love the features but are still baulking at the price, we suggest waiting for the little robot to go on sale.


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There are cliff sensors located on the bottom to prevent it from falling down edges or stairs and damaging itself. Should your Roomba go rogue, the Settings page is where you can locate it by making it play a sound. Image credit: iRobot Controlling the Roomba from the app is straightforward.

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The Roomba can only be controlled via the buttons on vacuum or by a separately purchased remote control. The brushes are easy to remove but removing debris like hair from the brush can prove to be a challenge. And while it struggles with things like pet hair, it does well with debris like cereal and kitty litter which is good news for parents and cat-owners. It also has a grey carrying handle which makes it easier to carry it up and down the stairs.

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